Mocha Uson: A Beneficiary of the State-funded Idiocy

‘Yung totoo? From state-sponsored killings to state-sponsored idiocy? Talaga lang? Honestly, I can’t even begin to understand what makes Mocha Uson qualified to be the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)—oh, wait. Right. Utang na loob.

Dear Mister President, why use our taxes to pay for your personal debt? The people approved of you running the show, not you abusing your authority and giving power to this showgirl who is so well-informed she elevated Hong Kong to country status.

Look, I’m all for progressive governance and I hate people who slut-shame her, but let’s be real and look at her Communications career: Error 404. Credentials not found.

First of all, she swears to defend against fake news. So will she defend the Philippines against herself, First of the Mocha Girls, Queen of Fake News and Poster of All Things Unverified? (But then that’s how the saying goes, I guess: you are your own worst enemy.) Second of all, let’s not forget the hilarious attempt at entering the Twittersphere! She got herself blocked because she had no idea how Twitter worked. She is a woman whose hashtags always get hijacked. And she’s supposed to run a communications office? Really? Do we have a shortage of qualified applicants for the post?

I pity the Philippine government for having such incompetent people in official positions. And we can’t do anything about it because the President appointed her. Because he owes her. I find it difficult to believe sometimes. Sad life.


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