Real Numbers: 12,000 Deaths in 8 Months

It has been almost a year since President Duterte took oath in receiving the job as the President of the Philippines. It is not new to us that his advocacy revolves alone in one thing: to abolish the illegal drug users and to abolish the illegal drug trade in the country.

But his methods already went overboard, saying that death can only be the only solution to this seemingly unending War against drugs. In the span of 8 months, the number of recorded deaths went over 12,000. This is just the recorded. How about the unrecorded ones?

The government kept on denying that over 12,000 were already killed, but then the PNP already confirmed that the killings already reached this number. An ordinary person alone cannot kill this much. It is obvious that the PNP are the people behind this massive killings.

This government turned a blind eye in what is really happening in the country. Instead of helping its people, they chose to order the policemen to shoot and kill people who would go against them.  And apparently, the policemen are so good in doing what they were asked to do–kill people. Instead of instilling hopes in the hearts and minds, they instilled fear. How can we put our trust in such administration?

Whether these killings involve drug problems or not, the administration failed to deliver its promise of a better and a peaceful country. As the numbers of killings rise, the chances of having a better country under the current administration seems to vanish away.

This government is clearly not for the people. 12,000 deaths in 8 months is not a joke. This has to end. It should end.




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