False Hopes: Duterte and his failed Promises

I remember those times when people are worshipping President Duterte like a saint; saying he’s so great, he’s so powerful, so brave, and no one can go against him. He’s the kind of leader our country needs.

During the campaign period, he promised a lot of things. Like planting the Philippine flag in the Spratly’s and Scarborough shoal to show his “passion” in protecting the Philippine’s National security from the hands of those who wanted to take over the country’s territories, shortening the travel time by solving the traffic problems along the Metro Manila roads, building infrastructures for the betterment of the country, and the most promising of all, healing the hearts of the families who have to be separated due to the need of a bigger income.

He promised the Filipino families who have their loved ones in death row hope and courage that they will be brought back home, safe and sound. The very reason why he won the votes of the million marginalized Filipinos.

But what happened after winning the election was way too different than what he has promised the people. The worst part is, he has done nothing to make his promises happen.

Just recently, the President went on a state visit to the country where most number of the OFWs in death row are recorded. But instead of bringing hopes for the families left in the Philippines, there is nothing.

This is truly unacceptable in all forms. A President should at least assure his people of his intentions in making his promises happen because these are the reasons why the Filipinos invested their votes in him. As for President Duterte’s case, making these happen are the last things on his list.

A president who does not care about his people.


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