The Philippines is Not Owned by Anyone, Including China and Duterte

The Philippines and the current administration is fully aware that China has been putting up construction works and has nearly completed these on the Philippine-claimed reefs in the West Philippine Sea, but choose not to do something about it.

During the previous administration’s time, President Aquino dodn’t let the China explore the reefs that were owned by the Philippines. But ever since President Duterte came into power, it paved way for China to build up structures easily on the Kagitingan, Zamora, and Panganiban reefs.

China has built runaways, hangars, and missile shelters on our islands. The Philippines have to struggle for its position in the isles. The worst of it all, it is obvious that the Chinese government is robbing the Philippines of its sovereignty, and the President is doing nothing about it.

It is only in this administration that the President of the country wanted his own country to be sold to the enemy. President Duterte claimed frankly that the China wants the Philippines to be its province, in which Duterte, as expected of him, did not argued nor disagreed on.

Many Filipinos gave their lives for the country to have its own freedom and sovereignty; but here comes Duterte selling all the last frontiers of the Philippines, wasting all the hardworks and efforts of all the previous administration that went before him.

President Duterte is the modern day Makapili. It is not just the Philippines he is selling. He is selling the Filipinos and our sovereignty to the China as if he owns everything.

No Mr. President, the Philippines does not belong to you, nor the people in it. Do not make decisions as if there are no 100M people to suffer because of your failures. Also, do not use the Philippines as if it is yours, making us a collateral for your medications hosted by China.

The Philippines does not belong to Duterte or China. It belongs to the people.



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