The Philippines belongs to the Filipinos

Recent events point to the blatant Chinese encroachment on our territories, and yet the current administration has chosen not to do anything about it.

During previous administrations, former presidents like PNoy didn’t so much as let China explore our reefs. Since President Duterte’s rise to power, however, China easily put up structures on the Kagitingan, Zamora, and Panganiban reefs. They have built hangars, runways, and missile shelters on our islands, even those we fought so hard for in the United Nations arbitration courts. China is mocking us, treating our sovereignty as little more than formality, and the President – sworn in his oath to protect his country and its vested interests – has completely surrendered to them.

President Duterte is the modern day Makapili: bit by bit he has started selling our beloved Philippines to the Chinese government, as if our islands were his to sell! His promises of planting Philippine flags on our islands were jokes we were slow to get. The truth is he thinks he owns the country now that he is its president.

But no, Mister Duterte. The Philippines does not belong to you. You belong to your country. You serve your country. You serve the needs of the 100 million Filipinos who are part of this country. Your decisions affect a hundred million lives. Your country is your master, not your property, not yours to do with as you please. Not yours to use in paying for millions of Chinese Yuans’ worth of hospital bills for an illness you refuse to disclose to the public.

The Philippines is ours, Mister President. Not yours. Ours.


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