Barangay Elections isn’t Yours, Mr. President

The issue on the postponement of Brgy. Elections has surfaced after Surigao del Norte 2nd District Representative Robert Ace Barbers filed a bill seeking the postponement of Brgy. Elections for the next three years. And apparently, this bill has the approval of the great President Duterte.

In House Bill (HB) Number 5358 filed last March 22, Barbers proposed moving this year’s barangay polls to May 25, 2020. Apart form this, President Duterte also expressed his intentions of postponing the barangay elections scheduled this year and appoint village officials.

This is a clear proof that President Duterte wants power even on the most basic unit of the society. His intentions of infiltrating the local government unit has gone too far from what his authority covers. With him appointing the local officials of our barangays not only strengthen his political hold in this country, but also invades the local autonomy of the local government unit.

It is only in the barangay Elections where people can exercise their full rights of suffrage without the dirty works of the government intervening them. With the President getting hold of the power to appoint the local officials, the Filipinos are getting denied of their rights to choose their leaders. Most importantly, the Filipinos are getting denied of their very rights as declared by the Philippine Constitution.

Duterte had said that holding barangay elections would only ensure the victory of candidates funded by drug lords. According to Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno, the President wants handpicked appointees in every barangay in the Philippines to rid the country of drugs. But this kind of reasoning is not enough to delay the barangay elections.  This is a very selfish move and olny benefits those who wish for greater power and authority.

I just hope that the next moves of the administration will cater the needs and interest of the common people in the Local Government Unit, and not those who are just after the power.

The elections in the Local Government Unit is for the people, and not yours, Mr. President.

(DISCLAIMER: This article was sent to the team of Real PH via e-mail. This particular entry is not written by anyone from the team of  RPH. Real Philippines is now accepting entries  from everyone who wishes to have their works published. Laban Pilipinas! Thank you!)


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