President Duterte: I’ll Kill You

“I’ll kill you”
These are the words that instilled fear in the hearts and minds of many Filipinos in the marginalized sector. Words that gave the people panic, dread and discomfort just by living.

Rampant killings, summary executions, countless murders– these are the result of his bloody war against drugs. His promise of “cleansing” the Philippines and “healing” its problems is not what is happening. More and more killings are happening as each day passes by.

No one knows how long the Philippines would be in its miserable state. It is only in this country where you’ll see a foul-mouthed, immoral President tell his countrymen he’ll kill them heartlessly.

It is grievous to know that you can’t be safe in your own country. It is grievous to know that you need the international community’s intervention to solve the country’s problems because the President himself is the problem.

A President should protect its people. As far as Mr. Duterte is concerened, he is definitely falling short in keeping his promise of making the Philippines a better place for all.


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