Duterte and his Failed Promises

We are now suffering the consequences of a failed election.

President Duterte won the hearts of many Filipinos last 2016 elections because of his campaign promises which particularly pertains to the interests of the common Filipinos. As he execute these promises, it seems that he is falling short in making these happen.

In his platform, President Duterte promised to the Filipino populace the things that common people wish for: abolishment of the contracts, the best and the brightest of the cabinet and most of all, his promise of ending criminality in the Philippines.

In his 8 months in the office, he still haven’t ended the contractualization of employment which is the loudest cry of the marginalized employed Filipinos. Many people are now seeking the answer to their unending question: When will we be having a stable job?

He promised, but he never made an initiative to push through with this mandate. Many Filipinos are cherishing false hopes because of this.

He also promised to put the best and the brightest in his admin, but instead he put liars, incompetitive people in his cabinet. People like Yasay who lied about his US Citizenship, Mocha who is a former porn star who used her sexuality to be famous, his friends from his college years and his friends of friends.

He promised a crime free and a drug free country. His “War against Drugs” was abused by the policemen and was used as an excuse to kill. Their “Operation Tokhang” brought back killings, and the worst of all, it criminality rate raised to more than 70%.

Most of all, his promise of ending criminality in the Philippines. But instead of lowering it, the rates got higher. The killings became rampant, and having news about dead people became a “normal” instance.

The burden will get heavier as time goes by. No one knew that this country would be put in so much misery. All of the hope and dreams of the common, marginalized people are now in the line of false hopes because our President couldn’t stand by his words. His failed promises led this country to its burdens now, and the Filipinos must face it, heads up.


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