Report: Duterte involved in billion peso scandal.

President Duterte’s first year in office is off to a rocky start. After a series of allegations involving murder and orchestrating vigilante killings, a recent scandal involving the presidents bank statement is currently in question.

Senator Trillanes alleged that the President is holding over 2.4 Billion Pesos in his BPI account. The money, allegedly ill-gotten. Such is a big issue because there was no declaration of that sum of money when then Mayor Duterte filed to ran for the presidency.


This scandal comes to a surprise given that President Duterte himself called for the execution of the Freedom of Information law, where it allows people to check into the private transactions of government employees. However, the presidents personal bank account remains its secrecy, showing the gaps of the Freedom of Information law he executed.



In an attempt to defend himself, the President showed his bank account, where it showed a balance of less than 500k.  The president even challenged the claim, saying that he will resign if senator Trillanes is able to prove his claims. However, the bank transaction history, remains hidden.



The president also admitted that the money in his account were in fact dollars, denying however the allegation of the amount Senator Trillanes alleged.

The bank transaction history is important in order to check if there was a sum total of 2.6 Billion that passed from the account.


The president is yet to disclose his complete financial transactions, until then, we can never be fully sure if the president never had the money, or has transferred the amount since then.


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