Report: President Duterte owns 41 houses.

In addition to issues regarding killings due to recently suspended Oplan Tokhang, Vigilante Killings, overspending on foreign trips, President Duterte is involved in another scandal yet again.


This time, the newly-elected president is involved with owning 41 houses in several location across the Philippines – such as San Juan, Dipolog and Quezon. All not named directly to the president but through other individuals in order to directly hide the involvement of the president.


This is an alarming allegation because such houses were previously unknown to the public. Such non-disclosure of houses may lead to further investigations as to what other hidden wealth does our president has. For now, they are trying to get the cooperation of government agencies that has the capacity to investigate the needed


Assuming this is true, this furthermore supports Senator Trillanes claim that the president has many hidden and undisclosed wealth. Furthermore, it can be used against our president as he may end up being liable to multiple violations and offenses.


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