Yasay and his Unknown Citizenship

Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay claims that he’s no longer a US Citizen for he executed an affidavit declaring that he nullifies his US citizenship in 1993.

What this Foreign Secretary ironically didn’t know is that one cannot unilaterally declare his citizenship nullification through an affidavit, just like what he did.

According to an interview conducted by Rappler to Mr. Ted Laguatan, an expert-specialist in US Immigration, “One cannot unilaterally just declare himself as no longer a US citizen through an affidavit and immediately lose one’s citizenship. There is an established process for renouncing one’s US citizenship.” And apparently, just how a man got hit by a stupid stick, Mr. Perfecto Yasay didn’t undergo the process and just renounced his US Citizenship on his own because according to him, he had a “preconceived intent” of renouncing his US residency when he became an American.

As Mr. Laguatan explained, “Having a preconceived intent to live in another country permanently when applying for US citizenship does not disqualify one from being naturalized. So many applicants in fact have this preconceived or prior intent to live permanently in other countries when applying for naturalization for whatever reasons: work related, retirement, family ties, etc.”

Despite of denying it a thousand times in the past, Yasay finally admitted just recently that he had a US passport. Mr. Laguatan pointed out that if a person holds a VALID US PASSPORT, he is, UNDOUBTEDLY, a US resident.

Is this Admin rooting for someone to sit down as Foreign Affairs secretary who’s not even familiar with the International Relations?

If he’s familiar, then why didn’t he know that an affidavit is not enough to void the effects of one’s citizenship?

Someone who doesn’t even know the protocols shouldn’t be put in a position where inane, inconsistent people and liars simply just don’t belong.


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