The evolution of the Philippines’ justice system


aWhen we investigated Binay in the Senate there were summaries and breakdowns and documents upon documents upon photos detailing the evidence. When Corona was being impeached, there were detailed lists of the charges against him and accompanying evidence. When we were decrying GMA for corruption and illegal detention we had names, dates, documents, and witnesses that weren’t notorious convicted felons.

Now, no evidence breakdowns, no photos, no signs of an ostentatious lifestyle, no credible witnesses. A clearly hostile House panel eager to lick Duterte’s ass couldn’t find any evidence. And it all culminates in a complaint filed by the SoJ that reads like it was written by a drunk 5-year-old. Yet, you are so sure that DeLima is guilty. When you are asked why, your answer is, “Uy, basta, guilty talaga.” Hay ngek ngek mo.


Something to think about, eh?

(Disclaimer: This was sent to us, RealPhilippines, by an anonymous individual via e-mail and asked us to post it in our blog)



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