A response to Mocha Uson’s column

leni-and-mochaFirst things first, how can we not notice the glaring shift of your tone in this article. The sentence construction and the rulebook college editorial feel are giveaways that you have an entire communications team of ghost writers and graphic pros at her disposal. As for the messaging, it’s no secret that you’ve been obsessed with the character assassination of VP Leni Robredo who takes about 70% of your posts on all social media platforms. But maybe we can give you the benefit of the doubt, so take this as a challenge, Margaux Uson: Write an article, in real time, live for the world to see, for a topic only given at that time, just to prove that you’re writing your column. Ayaw mo sa peke ‘di ba?

Pero sige, papatulan natin isa-isa ang mala college paper (no offense meant to school papers out there, we are fans of the CEGP) mong format of an article to discredit the Vice President.

1. Your title is a sham. It is not representative of the country, where the Vice President still enjoys majority trust and approval ratings. Granted, not as high as your lord and master’s, but that’s still an overwhelming number of people who don’t believe your lies and organized propaganda. With the majority of your following composed of fake accounts, maybe the better title could have been: Why do Mocha Uson and her troll army hate VP Leni? Mas accurate ‘di ba?

2. What are “significant and tangible actions in her brief stint as HUDCC chairman” for you? Not the significant streamlining across multiple departments, reducing of the steps taken from 27 to 9, cutting 2/3 of the time spent to approve efficient housing policies, and saving people’s associations up to over a hundred thousand pesos each? Not the almost 50, 000 houses that were approved within 5 months even without having any of her recommended people to work for key-shelter agencies being appointed by the President? Not the shift of focus from the mere number of houses built to a holistic effort to provide actual, livable homes with proper access to water, power, education and livelihood? The complexity of this issue is beyond your understanding.


3. You call VP Leni ambitious and aiming for the presidency and your defense is the claim that she said she wouldn’t run and that she was undecided. Never mind that VP Leni has repeatedly denied this claim, said publicly that a change of administration would be bad for the country, consistently worked with the administration, and been courteous to the president. Also, given your standards, medyo same story ba with Digong? Hirap i-defend no? The best you could do was to say “I don’t think the man who already has the highest position would now want to gun for the second highest post and demote himself.” Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Girl, you’re not proving that Duterte is not ambitious. In fact, following your logic (if you have any), you just proved how Digong’s theatrics reflect an overwhelming desire to be president.


4. You need to be reminded that you’re writing for a broadsheet not some sort of page along with your endorsements. You are now held to journalistic standards, and under those standards you are claiming that you received information of people getting recruited to support her run for the presidency. Unfortunately for you, you are forced to defend your claims. ‘Yung tipong pwedeng pang-korte. Otherwise, chismosa ka lang na nagbabasa ng comments sa post mo. We can easily say the same thing about Duterte, with his legal team for the Presidency being assembled as early as 2014. When he started going around the country and had his billboards displayed like a product endorser or something. When he started guesting on mainstream media. We notice, Mocha. Hindi kami tanga.Cut this hypocrisy bullshit that the VP does not call out her own party. Asan ang ebidensiya? Wala pa nga kayong makasuhan eh, despite the thick printed documents that your president brings in all his speeches. Magkasuhan muna tayo, tapos tsaka ka mag-comment. Pero sige, for the sake of arguments: Didn’t she condemn Kidapawan? Didn’t she criticize the Aquino Administration about handling traffic and connecting people in an Inquirer intview? Didn’t she call out Mar when he got caught with Digong pulling the political discourse to the level of sampalan? Aren’t the people you tag as druglords not LP anymore or never were a part of the party? Kung nagreresearch ka girl, alam mo na dapat na ka-partido niyo sila.

And please, you hypocrite. These accusations coming from someone who never spoke out against the same issues in the past? Di ba crush mo si PNoy at gusto mo siyang ka-date? You seem to have this insatiable desire to be around men of power ano? Kaya ba umaaligid ka na kay Bongbong Marcos?

5. Typhoon Nina and #LeniLeaks didn’t work for you. She wasn’t there during the typhoon, but she was on top of operations. She was the first to call out the private sector to organize and mobilize during the Typhoon, and not only in Bicol. She was the only national official who went outside the comforts of the capitol and visited the people who were devastated by the typhoon. She was the first to send help to the NIA fire victims, where she went to straight from the airport. Hindi niya trabaho ang relief ops, pero ginawa niya. She did more than what was expected of her, which is why even with your criticisms, people in her hometown defended her. Nasaan kayo nila Sass, Thinking Pinoy, Mr. Riyoh, et al (sorry friends, et al pa lang ang level niyo) noon? Hindi mo naman pwedeng sabihin na busy ka sa MMFF kasi andami mong time magpost about VP Leni.

Even with that alleged yahoogroups, you still couldn’t pin her down. She wasn’t or any of her staff a part of the group. Cabinet secretaries dismissed the issue. Andanar even said she is not involved. Hirap na hirap kayo sa messaging noon ano? Nagmamakaawa kayo sa presstitute media to cover you, pero sarili niyong mga tao sa Malacanang hindi kayo pinapansin.

So, try harder next time. You can’t bring a good woman down.

We love the anti-Epal part of your blog. Kelan mo ifea-feature ang Duterte’s Kitchen doon?
Hindi mo naman pwedeng sabihin na volunteer center ito, kasi sana Duterte Volunteers’ Kitchen ang pangalan niya ‘di ba?

(Disclaimer: This was sent to us, RealPhilippines, by an anonymous individual via e-mail and asked us to post it in our blog)

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