Duterte, paying off campaign debts to the Marcoses?


In his recent state visit in China, President Rodrigo Duterte brought along two familiar faces but surely, without purpose, as part of his delegation team. BongBong Marcos and sister Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos were not even in the initial and official list of the Philippine delegates to China. But lo and behold, on Wednesday, 19th October, the Marcos siblings attended official functions in China with the President.

Unsurprisingly, the President made another pronouncement that was very unpresidential and not well-thought of. He introduced the members of his delegation to the Filipino community in China, including Bongbong Marcos. He said, “Si Bingbong, ah si Bongbong…Kung manalo siya sa protest niya baka bago ang ating bise presidente.”

It is a surprise how the President introduced BongBong Marcos to the crowd, opening the issue of his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

BBM filed an electoral protest the night before VP Leni Robredo’s inauguration calling out her win a fraud, without proper and factual evidence.

What happened to his “I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm.” statement? Is this, like most of his promises just words out of exhaustion and hunger?

Yes, the President is friends with the Marcoses. President Duterte’s father was an appointee of the late former president turned dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. but that does not mean he should be forever in favor to them.

The President is just proving that he is serving not the Filipino people but a certain family. He was elected as a leader of this nation to serve the entire country and the Filipino people, not the Marcoses, not his own whims.

Thank you, Mr. President for showing your true colors. In one state visit, you have managed to show where your loyalty lies and how far you will go to pay off campaign debts.


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