Terminator: Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte has been very consistent in his statements that this new administration will turn a blind eye to the shooting and killing of the alleged drug users and dealers.

According to him, a “shoot-to-kill” order will be mandated until the end of his term.

In one of his speeches, he has profoundly pronounced that he does not care about human rights.

No wonder his name was being dragged to the vigilante group “Davao Death Squad” and was being accused of all the thousand killings done.

Because of this, the Duterte administration was being noticed and criticized internationally, and the Philippines was a subject of international news for days.

But the president really does not care.

He did not even thought of the damages he will have caused Sec. Leila De Lima with all of the accusations he and his administration been throwing at her for the past weeks.

All Sec. De Lima wants is for the truth to prevail regarding the issues on EJKs and DDS. But the president was just pulling his dirty moves on her.

Accusing her of her linkage to the drug trade inside the bilibid prison, having  an affair with her driver, and even having a sex video scandal.

Which is a clear violation of Sec. De Lima’s rights as a human and a woman.

With this administration, human rights is now  in its state of calamity. It is becoming a national emergency that requires urgent investigation.


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