Will history repeat itself?

14438962_1360520993973038_2090601792_oSeptember 23, 1972 is one of the historical dates in Philippine history.

It is when the longest serving (21 years) President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos imposed Martial Law.

As president vested upon himself the control over Filipinos and almost everything in this country, removing all power of the three main branches of government.

In 1972, the Philippines was ruled with an iron fist. Total rule and control over people and abusive use of power were the norm. People were oppressed by the government. There were a significant number of unreasonable arrests and killings. Massive hunger and widespread poverty were experienced. Culture of fear and social injustice were established.

Media outlets were closed and freedom of the press was curtailed. Even congress was powerless during the Marcos regime.

Human rights were stripped from every single Filipino during Martial Law, except the relatives and cronies who basked in riches.

It was indeed the greatest catastrophe in Philippine history.

If not for EDSA Revolution, Marcos could have ruled longer and could have done worse.

Now we are enjoying the democracy our forefathers have fought for but the scars remain.

44 years after the most dreadful and tragic event in history, families and relatives of those who were killed and tortured during Martial Law still seek justice.

44 years after, with everything that happened, has the Philippines fully recovered?

44 years after, are the Filipinos truly free from government’s use of absolute power?

44 years after, under this new administration, will history repeat itself?


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